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Breakfast I

roasted sausage / beans in tomato sauce/ two fried eggs / grilled vegetables /bread

23 zł

Breakfast III

scrambled eggs with 3 eggs/ butter/ bread

19 zł

Breakfast II:

toast with avocado / grilled tomatoes with basil / two fried eggs

19 zł

Breakfast IV:

pancakes with butter and maple syrup 4 pcs

14 zł


Pickled herrings

baguette / tatar sauce

18 zł

Salmon tartare

herbal oil / chilli / lime

23 zł

Tartare with deer

fig mustard / marinated mushrooms

26 zł


Goulash soup

deer soup with mushrooms

15 zł

Beef tripe


15 zł

Sour soup

with a egg

12 zł


with pelmeni dumplings

11 zł

Main dish

Salmon fillet

served on a stew of asparagus and green peas 400g

39 zł

Dumplings with berries

country cream 8pcs

19 zł

Dumplings with venison meat

served on vegetable minestrone 8 pcs

21 zł

Chicken fillet

sauce mushroom cock/ mashed carrot / caramelized carrot 450g

32 zł

Roasted pork ribs

Belgian fries / lettuce with vinaigrette sauce 600g

39 zł

Dumplings with cottage cheese

with chanterelle sauce 8 pcs

20 zł

Wild boar knuckle

pie / mashed potatoes / horseradish ( weight 100g / 13 PLN)

13 zł

Pork schnitzel

fried egg / mashed potatoes / crispy lettuce with cream 400g

32 zł

Leg of deer

red wine sauce / baked potatoes with marjoram / beets 500g

47 zł

Burger / Belgian fries

vegetable chop/ goat cheese/ baked beetroot / rucola

27 zł

Burger / Belgian fries

pulled BBQ beef / mushrooms/ pickled cucumber / onion / rocket

27 zł

Potato rosti cake

beef goulash / lettuce with cream 500g

29 zł

Tagliatelle pasta

with salmon/ capers/ herb pesto/ cream 400g

27 zł

Duck leg

potato dumplings, red cabbage, cranberry sauce


37 zł

Children's menu


with homemade pasta / 350 ml

10 zł


in tomato sauce /200g

15 zł


French fries / salad/ 250g

17 zł


Hot chocolate cake

ice cream /150g

16 zł


fruits / nutella / 250g

14 zł

Warm apple pie

caramel sauce / ice cream/ 200g

13 zł

Puffs with cream

cream / chocolate topping/ fruits / 200g

12 zł

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